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, the gentlelady from texas, ms. sheila jackson-lee is recognized. >> thank you very much and thanks to the ranking member for the cooperation of this hearing. some years ago i was involved in the tragedy of ileana gonzalez, the loss of his mother and family members that wanted to raise him. i indicated in my preference after meeting the grandmothers who lived in cuba that he should be returned to family. as i did that i did not ignore the family members who were here and united states and i frankly believe he could have the benefit of all family members so i think it is important we open the door of opportunity and that we recognize that as we have opened the doors to china, that is not perfect. we open the doors to cuba and our intervention and involvement is critical. at the same time we asked for concessions, interaction with the cuban government and if we do that, we make america the greater country and we work together with the cuban people. led this left the embargo. >> the time of the gentlelady has expired. all time for one minute questions has expired. we are now going to turn to our expe
you, sir. the chair recognizes the distinguished gentlewoman from houston, texas, sheila jackson lee. >> thank you, mr. chairman. and i thank you and the ranking member for this brilliant hearing. actually, i would like to acknowledge roger, that both you and demaurice smith make a very good pair and i think you should look at yourselves as part of the 21st century nfl. i wanted to make mention as i begin my questioning of a meeting that i had this morning with nfl hall of famer jim brown. we talked about the fight of the nfl, the value of the players. particularly today. talked about the raging violence among our communities and young men. you have been with me and we have addressed this question. we have acknowledge the fact that the nfl is respected and admired. young men that are a part of this great family that you have can be wonderful role models. and of course, mr. brown is aware of the dire need of intership and manhood training. he is in the room today, and we talked about the idea that i shared with the attorney general recently that tracks mr. brown program but it is to b
, and i will recognize the gentlelady from texas, ms. sheila jackson lee for five minutes. >> mr. chairman, i thank you and ms. ros-lehtinen for allowing members to come back and for completing this hearing. it's a very important hearing and i want to thank the other witnesses and their absence and those who are able to stay. i want to applaud president obama that took the constructive step of allowing cuban-americans to visit family in cuba as often as they please. i think it is a magnificent stat and mr. peters, i think you acknowledged that is a policy change that is productive. i started my opening remarks by suggesting that i was engaged because of my committee assignment with the allin and gonzalez issue or circumstance, and i believe it was right on both sides, but i think we were right to unite this child up that time with his family in cuba but i also think it's important for his miami family to be able to see and to interact with their family. i believe my colleague articulated the tribulations and the challenges of african-americans in this country. as i understand, mr. delahunt
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)